Bro. Darrell Holt

Evangelist/Pulpit Minister

Darrell Holt was born, May 31, 1956, to the parents of Jessie and Annie Holt in Greenville, MS. He received his early education in the Greenville Public School System, graduating from Greenville High School in 1974. He graduated Cum Laude from the School of Religious Studies in Little Rock, Arkansas in December 1980. Darrell Holt has been a member of the Church of Christ and a gospel preacher for the past 33 years. Evangelist Loyd Harris baptized him into Christ on February 3, 1978. He preached his first public sermon, two days later, on February 5, 1978.

He has enjoyed the work of some very fruitful ministries. Evangelistic outreach has carried him into many states, and foreign countries proclaiming the gospel of Christ. He has been a located minister in Mississippi, Tennessee, Michigan, and California. He is currently the pulpit minister and evangelism minister of the Figueroa Church of Christ in Los Angeles, California. He has spoken on Local, State, and National Lectureships throughout the brotherhood. He also conducts “Evangelism, and Christianity/Islam Seminars.”

He is married to “Mrs. Anita.” They have seven children. Darrell and Anita are enjoying the Christian life together. Through all the struggles and uphill battles, “THE LORD’S HELP” is their motto for living. He thanks God for giving him such a wonderful Christian woman.

He has participated in several public religious debates such as Adventism, Pentecostalism, Islamism etc., and many evangelistic campaigns. He has baptized several denominational preachers and three women preachers. He has been instrumental in establishing new churches. He is the author of many books such as, “Muhammad is Dead; Hush; The Holy Spirit is Talking; The Generational Curse; Christ, Cultures, Customs and Commands; Denominations: Unlucky Number Seven; The Great Battle of Men and Women for The Pulpit, Dismantling The Black Muslims, Foot Soldiers for Christ, In The House Revival, No More Family Secrets, and Who Is This Creature Called The Preacher?” He will soon publish “If Young People Knew What Old Folks Know,” dedicated to our youth, and “Everybody Talkin’ Bout Heaven Ain’t Going.”